Feb 10, 2019
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A new website has been developed by President Luc Salens. Please refer to the new website: 

This website will be deleted as soon as the history transfer has been completed.

Jan 6, 2018
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Bruges, January 4th 2018


Dear fellow Rotarian Golfers, Best friends,


May 2018 be a wonderful year for you and your family!
Good health, prosperity and happiness!
And may the New Year bring us together on many occasions.
There is nothing better in life than playing golf amongst fellow Rotarians! And their partners!!!


Our most important ‘rendez-vous’ this year will take place in Rimini.
The 44th European Rotary Open Golf Championship will undoubtedly become a great tournament, as were our recent encounters in Garda Lake and Sicily, so well organized by our Italian friends.
We wish Andrea Oddi and his committee the very best in preparing this big event for us.
See you in Rimini next September from the 24th till the 29th!!
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Europe also welcomes this year the 55th Rotary Golf World Championship in Tallinn-Estonia in July.
Wishing Urmas Isok success with his organization! .


It is a great honour for me and also a pleasure that I can chair IGFR Europe for the coming 3 years.
My sincere thanks go to our founder President, Gaston Barras, and to my predecessor the great Romano Motta. Throughout the years, they have built and expanded our fellowship into a notable association.
IGFR Europe has become the most powerful Rotary golfing fellowship within IGFR.
We must be proud of that and continue our efforts to further strengthen this precious fellowship on our continent!


I do hope dear friends that I may count on you in helping me to preserve the legacy of this wonderful work and to further develop our association in the years to come.
You are the ambassadors of our ‘golfing fellowship’ in your Rotary Club.
Hence your job and contribution is of great value to succeed!

Last June, many of you enjoyed ‘Bruges 2017’. And so did we.
I am delighted to send you today a film of this memorable meeting in Belgium.
A glorious ‘40 minutes souvenir’ for the friends who have attended the Championship, but also a wonderful discovery of what the Rotary Golfing Fellowship has to offer for those who missed it!


Download the movie with this link:
Then copy the film on a 4GB USB stick and plug it into your TV! Invite your friends to watch it and make them enthusiast to join us!


On behalf of the board I wish you all a great year!!!


In Rotary friendship,


Luc Salens
President IGFR – Europe
Member of Rc Maldegem – Belgium (RI District 1620)


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Oct 8, 2017
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24 to 29 September 2018

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Secretary's Corner

Nov 22, 2011
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Chers membres,

L’innovation en matière des techniques de transmission de l’information n’échappe pas non plus aux Rotariens golfeurs. Le Comité de l’IGFR EUROPE a donc décidé de créer un site internet autonome pour notre association, sous

La plupart des Rotariens golfeurs sont aujourd’hui connectés à Internet et pourront dorénavant consulter le site IGFR Europe qui est maintenant fonctionnel et sera mis à jour régulièrement. Ce site comprendra en particulier les informations suivantes : statuts, membres du comité, historique, résultats et photos des tournois, agenda des championnats prévus ainsi que des nouvelles périodiques du secrétariat ou du comité. Il offrira aussi un lien direct vers les sites internet des comités d’organisation des championnats nationaux et internationaux.

Ce nouveau moyen de communication permettra un dialogue interactif rapide avec les membres de l’IGFR Europe et les autres amicales golfiques, afin de coordonner l’organisation des divers championnats et de développer l’amitié rotarienne par le golf dans tous les pays européens.

N’hésitez pas à faire connaître notre nouveau site à vos amis et connaissances. Nous attendons aussi volontiers vos contributions rédactionnelles ou autres nouvelles.

Nous publierons en principe nos messages en français et en anglais.

Veuillez nous informer immédiatement si vous changez votre adresse et en particulier votre adresse e-mail.

Jean-Paul Rey, secrétaire IGFR Europe 

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