Recommendations for the Organization of European Golf Championships


  1. 1.   Introduction

This document is based on the bylaws of Rotary International, the Rotarian Professional Fellowships or Leisure Guide and the bylaws of IGFR Europe.

Regarding the organization of the golf European Championship, the rules of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews shall apply in addition to the local rules.

As a rule, the Championship of IGFR Europe is held every year in a different country.

  1. 2.   Organizing Committee (OC)

A financially independent OC is set up for each championship.

It is sponsored by one or more Rotary Clubs and composed of persons experienced in organizing golf tournaments and in the overall management of such an event.

The OC submits its application early enough to the IGFR Europe Committee and coordinates the dates of the championship with other national and international championships.

Its organizational structure includes all the administrative and golfing functions required to organize such a championship.

The OC also organizes cultural and leisure activities for accompanying persons who are non-golfers.

A pre-round or post-round is also organized wherever possible to familiarize foreign Rotarians with the region and the host country.

The IGFR European Committee and its Secretary assist the OC in ensuring a smoothly planned, organized and operated championship.

A select Sports Committee, composed of the President of the OC, the Sports Tournament Director and the President and Secretary of IGFR Europe, is set up to deal with matters related to the application of the golf championship rules.

3. Basic requirements

-       Provide quality golf courses and three competition days.

-       Host 200 – 300 people near selected golf courses.

-       Organize three convivial evenings to promote relations between Rotarians and participants from different countries and continents (as a rule, Thursday evening is off).

-       Ensure transfer to the golf courses.

-       Negotiate favourable rates for hotels, restaurants and green fees.

-       Offer participants reasonable standard participation conditions, covering in particular the green fees, food, lodging, transfers to the golf courses.

-       Establish a balanced budget to support all expenses and also support if possible a humanitarian or charitable cause, through the financial profit of the championship.

-       Find sponsors or partners who will cover the costs and ensure the success of the event.

-       Use the sound experience of previous organizers in the administrative, organizational and golfing fields, while being innovative and original in setting up the championship programme.

-       Take advantage of existing software applications for the registration of participants, payment of participation fees and release of the golf results at the end of the championship.

-       Issue an information leaflet of the championship and a listing of participants with country specification to give all participants at their arrival.


  1. 4.    Framework programme

            Monday: Arrival of participants, registration

            Tuesday: Training day, committee meeting, opening ceremony, information for players, cocktail reception

            Wednesday: 4 Ball Best Ball, organized evening

            Thursday: 1st round (evening off)

            Friday: 2nd round, gala and farewell dinner with distribution of prizes and results listing

  1. 5.    Divisions of championship players


Division 1: Rotarians (men and women): 0 – 12.4 hp, Stroke play

Division 2: Rotarians (men and women): 12.5 – 19.4 hp, Stableford

Division 3: Rotarians (men and women): 19.5 – 28 hp, Stableford

Accompanying persons:

Division 1: Accompanying persons (men and women): 0 – 18.4 hp, Stableford

Division 2: Accompanying persons (men and women): 18.5 – 36 hp, Stableford

All the rounds are formed by four players (or three golfers in exceptional cases). Players of the same division play together. On every championship day, the players change team.

The 4 Ball Best Ball on the first day is played as Stableford by all divisions.

  1. 6.    Prizes and results

The European Champion is the first gross result of Division 1 (Stroke play).

In each division, one gross prize and three net prizes are generally awarded.

A prize for the best net score senior over 70 years and the Nations Cup for the best net score of 3 players of the same country are also awarded.

A list of the daily results (with indication of country of the participants) should be displayed every evening at the Friendship House and the final results be distributed to all table on the last day after prize-giving ceremony and put on the web site after the Championship.

Announcement of the results is made in principle by the Sports Director of the Championship, in the presence of the President of the OC and the President and Secretary of the IGFR Europe.

  1. Financial aspects

The participants pay the registration fees before the beginning of the Championship.

The Organizing Committee submits, before the distribution of an eventual benefit, a financial report to the IGFR Europe Secretariat once the championship books have been balanced.

After the championship, the Organizing Committee pays the IGFR Europe 20 Euros per championship participant (Rotarians and accompanying persons).


Document adopted by the Committee 3rd November 2015

Complements accepted on th 17th April 2016


JPR 1st June 2016

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