1. I.              Name, Objects and Activities


The International Golfing Fellowship of Rotary Europe (IGFR Europe) is formed by Rotarian golfers.


It was founded on 10th December 1975. The first very briefly formulated bylaws of that time are replaced by the present bylaws.


The objects of the fellowship are the following:


-       practising and developing golf while promoting friendship, as well as the Rotarian spirit and principles,

-       creating local, regional, district or national fellowships,

-       compiling a list of European Rotarian players,

-       establishing a schedule of Rotarian golf competitions,

-       issuing recommendations for the organisation of the European Rotary Golf Championship,

-       coordinating the organisation of the European championships with national and IGFR International championships (about 3 months between the European and the World Championship).


The main activity of the fellowship is to organise every year and in a different country a European Championship for Rotarians, their friends and acquaintances.


To achieve this objective, IGFR Europe collaborates with an independent Organising Committee created to manage the championship.


Reservation of the date and place by the committee wishing to organise such an event should be announced to IGFR Europe at least four years in advance.


At least two years prior to the European Championship, the Organising Committee must confirm its willingness and competence to host this event and has to send IGFR Europe a detailed programme containing date, place, organisation chart, golf courses, hotels booked, programme for non-golfers, website, budget, etc.


The profit achieved by the organisation of this championship is donated to a charitable or humanitarian organisation.


The Head Office of the fellowship is domiciled at the President or Secretary’s address.


  1. II.            Rights and Obligations of the Participants


Rotarians, who are members of a Rotary club in their country, as well as their friends and acquaintances, may participate in the European Championships.


Rotary-golfers residing in other continents may also participate in the European Championship.


The participants in the European Championship must pay the Organising Committee the registration fee established by the organisers, which also includes 20 euros per participant that the Organizing Committee must remit to IGFR Europe after closing the accounts of the championship. This contribution of 20 euros is used to cover the administrative, promotion, communication, coordination and organisation costs of IGFR Europe in compliance with its aims and activities.


The "Recommendations for the Organisation of Golf Championships", dated 23 November 2015 and completed 1st June 2016, contain many principles and details on this subject. They are distributed to each organisers of the Rotarian European Championships.


  1. III.          Bodies and Operation of the Fellowship IGFR Europe


The bodies are the Executive Committee and the Extended Committee.


The Executive Committee is composed of the President, four Vice-Presidents and the Secretary. It meets as often as required whenever specific situations and emergencies arise.


The Extended Committee meets once a year during the European Championship. It normally includes one delegate per country, who may be substituted if unable to attend the meetings.


The honorary committee members have the right to attend the meetings of the Extended Committee and have the right to vote.


The agenda of the meetings of the Executive Committee and the Extended Committee is sent at least one week prior to the meeting.


Decisions are taken by a majority of votes cast. There is no quorum. In case of a tie, the vote of the president counts double.


The mandate of the President is limited to 3 years. This of committee members it is not limited in time.


The tasks and functions are allocated within the committee.


The expense allowance for the President, Secretary and active committee members is established by the Executive committee.


The administrative activities and accounts are managed by the Secretary.


The accounts are closed at the end of each calendar year and approved by the Extended Committee.



Document adopted by the Extended Committee on the 3rd November 2015, in Marrakech

Modifications accepted on the 17th April 2016, Ragusa (Sicily).



JPR/1st June 2016

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